June is right around the corner, and I am really looking forward to it!

Daddy put together the kids playland today and as I type this, Monkey is outside squeezing out as much fun as she can before the sun sets completely.  Isn’t that what summer is all about when you are five?!

I am changing my hair this week, and I’ll post pics as soon as it’s done.  I am going short and dark, with some really light streaks.  Wish me luck!

My June photo session calendar is completely booked, which is very exciting to me.  I can’t believe I just started this business a few months ago – I am loving every minute of it.  I had decided to book no more than one session a week, so that I can make sure my family remains my priority.  I typically spend many hours after the sessions completing the edits and making sure the client is 100% satisfied and a relationship is built, so in order to keep that level of customer service and remain true to the reason I started this business in the first place, I have decided to limit how many clients I commit to in a given month.  I am sure many business savvy people would let me know that it’s not the best way to run a business, but I am also looking at picking up some more non-profit work, so my bottom line isn’t simply quantity.  Is that totally crazy?

We also have our MOPS retreat next weekend.  I am soooo needing the break and very much looking forward to kicking off a new year.

Speaking of needing a break, Caterpillar has been doing so much better.  He’s definitely challenging, but he’s so smart and it’s so much fun to watch him learn new things and new words every day.  He’s starting to become a Daddy’s boy, which is different than how he’s always been, but it is fun to see him become a little man in that way.  He’s starting to walk more and more, and my guess is by the end of summer I’ll be wondering why on earth I wanted him to walk at all because I won’t be able to keep up!

Lastly on our list of awesome June things, Eclipse is being released!  I know, I am too old for that being as my age doesn’t end with ‘teen’ but a good friend from Daddy’s work bought me the books while I was on bedrest and I’ve been hooked ever since.  And, truth be told, Daddy wants to come with us to this one … so ha!

I will keep ya’ll posted, but I have to say, this will be the very first summer since Monkey was born where I’m thinking I’ll have more good days than bad with regard to my health ~ I want to soak in every minute of it, and I promise my camera will be tagging along.

Stay tuned for the insanity of June!!