Last week I was scheduled for Jury duty.  My number wasn’t chosen and I was a little bummed.  I’d imagine it’s a lot like Law and Order, and that detective Stabler is not too hard on the eyes, so I was looking forward to it.

Oh well, there’s always next year.

This past weekend was Father’s Day.  We made Daddy breakfast and then debated going to the Train Museum.  We decided to just keep things low key and go Rhyolite Park, located in our neighborhood.

For some reason, Monkey loves the Monkey Bars.  She can’t do them, but she wants to try over and over.  She gets scared, calls me over for help and then drops down.  So, in order to avoid hours and hours of ‘rescues’ I agreed to do the spinner with her.


Good Lord, how did I get talked into that when I knew Daddy had the camera?

Caterpillar rode in the swing for the first time, and he seemed like he liked it alright.  At one point, I actually thought he might fall asleep.


We came home, rested and decided to make sliders for Daddy.



Wait a second… something doesn’t look right in that last picture.  Let’s look at it again.


Now I see it – Two of the sliders are missing!

My money is on this suspect:


Oh well, it’s his day, so what could I do?

So, I sweetened him up with this:


And then I punished him for his crime by outing him on the internet.  Justice at it’s finest.