This week hasn’t been much fun with Caterpillar.  For his birthday, he got all four molars.  He’s been a drooly, cranky and snotty.  (As in snot, not snob… some people confuse the two.)

Since the holidays are right around the corner, and Caterpillar got lots of new toys for his birthday, we decided to redo the toy room to accommodate the new toys.  We also knew it was a good time to make some donations because the economy remains pretty lousy, and a lot of families are hurting.

This has taken me a couple of days to reorganize and sanitize with one hand, as my other hand is needed to hold the 25 lb previously mentioned drooly, cranky, snotty baby.

While we were making our way, my patience was starting to run thin.  Every morning I would find myself praying for patience, because day after day of a baby screaming was starting to wear me down.  Some people are ‘baby’ people and it doesn’t bother them one bit.  God did not create me that way.  By the time Daddy comes home, I am spent, and it’s been all I can do to not lash out at him.  Not because he’s done anything wrong, but simply because he’s here, and breathing and over the age of four.

However, yesterday, we had a break in the storm.  Caterpillar had calmed down, and was playing sweetly with his blocks on the floor.  It was only in this moment of silence that I noticed how beautiful the light is up there.  We have lived here over three years, but for whatever reason I have never really spent enough time during the day to notice the lighting.  But, that day, in the quiet, I noticed.

I snuck downstairs and grabbed my camera.  I started shooting pictures as fast as I could, knowing the time would likely be limited.

L looking 2

I love the sound the camera makes when it snaps pictures, one right after another.  Without needing to use flash, the sound produced a constant sound that created a rhythm that Caterpillar could not stop looking at.

Lincoln looking

It wasn’t until today, when I uploaded the pictures that my eyes was drawn to his.  More specifically, his lashes.

looking down2

When I see these pictures, I am drawn into the light and all it provided.  And, after seeing this, even knowing the week we’ve had, there is simply no way that I could lash out.

No matter how much he drools and snots.