Just about the time when I thought I couldn’t worry any more about the medical stuff, I decided to read my horoscope.  No joke.  This was yesterdays:

Your own goals might need to take a back seat to the service of others these days. Even if you are thinking about doing something specifically for yourself, circumstances may require you to wait a while. There is a spiritual aspect to minimizing the voice of your own ego now, yet you’ll need to manage your frustration or it will delay your personal gratification even longer.

I have a horoscope feed on my google homepage, but hardly ever check it.  In fact, I have it minimized so I can see more of my blogging buddies articles because that is mostly what I read throughout the day.   For some reason I was drawn to the horoscope yesterday.  And because that was just too weird, I decided to read todays too.  Here’s my life according to tarot.com today:

You want to look good for your superiors today, so you may spend longer doing those little things you might normally let slide. Not much escapes your critical eye now, but you could get so overwhelmed by the minutiae that you don’t accomplish your mission. Although it may not be your first choice, it may be a smart strategy to let quality suffer just a bit so you can finish everything on time.

Now this one is interesting to me because Monkey is in school today, and I had planned on getting a lot of the house picked up, just in case bed rest is a must come the end of the week.  So, if I am reading this correctly, the message is I should ‘boy clean’ everything because if I do it the way I normally do, everything won’t get done. Hmmmm.

I know what you are all thinking – that I just need to relax and whatever happens, shall happen.  I know that in my brain, but I am too much of a control freak to just let things happen.  Type A personality, if you know what I am saying, and I know ya do.

Late last night I received an RSS feed from a very sweet friend named Velvia.  Her blog is at It Could Fill Books and like a lot of her posts do, the message spoke to me.  The words in her post weren’t even her own – they were copied from an email she had received, but again it was just what I needed to hear.

((Hold music while you read the message … read it or you will be lost))

I have always been a horrible dancer.  Not because I don’t have rhthym, or because I am tone deaf.  But because I like to lead.  I like to be in control.  I don’t listen to the cues, and I don’t follow anyone.  This simple reflection of my entire life is summed up in an email and now Velvia’s blog post.

I need to follow Gods lead.  He created this child, and He loves this child, just as He loves me.  He doesn’t make mistakes, and as he cues me in the right direction, I need to relax and just dance.