After speaking to Papa a couple of days ago I realized that I have gotten off track.  Instead of trusting in God and His plan, I turned to the internet and the medical professionals to provide the guidance we need for this journey with Caterpillar.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not one who believes that God wants me to stand around and do nothing under the premise that ‘God will provide’.  I believe God has already provided me the tools I need.  I just have to be open enough to receive His message.

Not only have I been trying to find medical answers, but I have also been trying to figure out a way to do it all – from bed.  I had not come up with a solution yet, but I felt like this was a problem I could solve.

Monga and Papa came over to spend some time with Monkey, and Papa was going to help Daddy work on painting the wainscoting that Daddy installed in Caterpillars room.  They obviously know I am on bed rest, so I assumed Monga would be spending time on the couch, relaxing with me.  Boy was I wrong.  In a true labor of love, she cleaned my house.  She scrubbed my floors, did laundry, and spent time with Monkey.

She did all of the things that I normally do, when I couldn’t.  And the crazy part is, I had no choice but to let her.  At first, I was unsure how to receive this.  I mean, it is a little embarrassing to have my mother-in-law folding my grandma panties, but over the last couple of days I have learned to just let go.

While Papa and Daddy were upstairs, they not only did all the prep work for the wainscoting, but they also moved two large pieces of furniture down the stairs – a task Daddy has been trying to find help with for a while.  This may not seem like a big deal to most, but I know it wasn’t easy.  Not because Papa is frail by any means, but an activity like that certainly will get his heart pumping.

In the last nine hours, Monga and Papa provided us a clean house and helped Daddy check off some much needed ‘to-do’ list items.  But, in all of their hustle and bustle, they provided me with a lesson:

When I make myself let go, and humble myself to God,  I make room for Him to come in and provide what I had been struggling to get for myself all along.