We went to The Disney Store today because we knew that it would be much cheaper to buy t-shirts and little things here, as oppose to in the park.  Although, I am not sure that was entirely true, as I now think we need to buy another suitcase.

We did however snag Monkey’s Halloween costume (Minnie Mouse) on sale, which will go perfectly with Caterpillars Mickey Mouse that I got at a consignment sale for CHEAP.  They will look so cute at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Celebration!  We also got Monkey some princess PJ’s that I am going to let her wear as dresses in the park if she wants to … especially for Cinderella’s Princess Breakfast.  They aren’t huge ballgowns like the standard dresses, but they are long and pretty … but most importantly – washable!  Other than that we just got some t-shirts, a stuffed Mickey and Minnie to give them in the park one day, and totes for their Halloween loot.

I am still pretty nervous about the money, even though we set aside way more than our dear friend (and travel agent) recommended.  I think it’s just because we’ve never done a family vacation before, and we’ve never done anything so big with all cash. (Thanks, Damn Ramsey!)  I think part of the reason I am so stressed is because our emergency fund only has checks to help us only use it for emergencies.  I never ordered actual checks, so they would be out of state, weird account number since it’s a money market account checks if we had something major happen.  I am thinking it’s not even worth taking that checkbook.

I realized today Monkey has this Friday off from school, so we only have four more school days until we leave!  I am trying to book the one October session I have left (the 30th if anyone wants to snatch it up!!) so everything is in perfect order before we jump on the plane.

Other than that, I am making lists like crazy so I can remember everything (please feel free to shout out things you think I may have forgotten!), and trying to save every penny that comes in, just in case our rainy day happens in Florida!

Although, I do have to admit, God has continued to bless us and provide for us in ways we could never imagine.  Just when I start to get down on myself for not spending as well as I could have for the month, God provides, in his perfect timing, enough to get us through.  Isn’t his grace amazing!?  I know us being in Florida won’t change that, but a little bit of me is the scared little girl who wondered if she spent the night at grandma’s house on Christmas Eve if Santa would find her.  So silly, I know!

We have a birthday party for a very special boy tomorrow (Monkey’s future husband, if I have anything to say about it!) and I have a session with one of the cutest babies in the world on Sunday.  More to come on both of those things I’m sure.

Off to toss and turn, stressing over what I may forget,