Last night Daddy ran and picked up a few new movies for Monkey and a chocolate cake… mostly for Mommy.  I had given Monkey a bath and having the boogers washed out of her hair seemed to lift her spirit.  She didn’t play for long in the tub, like she normally does, but she wasn’t kicking and screaming either.

While Daddy was gone we had a meltdown because Teach my Alligator Manners is not a full blown cartoon, but rather a two minute add-on after Handy Mandy on Playhouse Disney.  This apparently was too much for Monkey to handle.

Daddy came home just in time to save the day, and Monkey chose to watch Shrek III, because he’s green like the alligators.  She didn’t really watch the movie, but she did devour the chocolate cake.  She had two kid sized glasses of milk and her mood dramatically improved.

She woke up this morning with bloodshot eyes, but her spirit has returned.  She gave me a pedicure, using flash cards to buff my feet, and paint pens as her massage tools.  We painted the name plate for her room together and she settled in for a movie.  She may not look the same right now, but my little girl is in there.  Her fight is back and I realize even though we don’t tolerate it, I’ve kind of missed it.