Last night, we went to bed late and as I started to settle in and closed my eyes I saw a flash of light and part of my face went numb.  At first I thought it was lightning outside, so I opened my eyes and sat in the dark for a while wondering if my face was really numb or if I have just become crazy-paranoid because of the recent health news.

I decided to wait and see (my favorite health care method) and I fell asleep.  This morning everything was fine.  So, turns out I made the right call by not freaking out, but I will make sure when I go for my appointment next week.

Since I first thought it was lightning when it happened, it made me think of all of the storms we’ve been having in our area.  It’s been total turmoil outside, including tornadoes that touched down within 20 miles of here, monsoon rains and dry lightning storms.  As I look out the window, wondering what the weather will bring today, I realized that the weather is stormy on the outside, but the house is peaceful.  Much like our journey right now.

We have been scared about the unknown, and scared about what comes next.  It’s as though we are sitting around waiting for the lightning to strike.  But, even so, we are comfortable.  Daddy has been so patient and understanding and Monkey has been the daily humor I have needed.

God has provided our shelter, and He has given us the strength to huddle together, and wait for the storm to pass.