Just when Monkey started eating and drinking regularly, Daddy started going down the same path.  He has been very sick since last Saturday, and as of yesterday was put on a prescription that cost $25 per pill after insurance. The good news is, the pharmacist said this medication should pretty much kill everything in its way.

Whenever Monkey gets sick, I say I would take it from her if I could, but after this week with Daddy I am not sure if I really feel that way.  If I were this sick, there wouldn’t be anyone to do anything.  He literally cannot take care of himself right  now.  I don’t wish illness upon her, but given the choice I think I would have to be selfish and say ‘not it’.  Not because I wouldn’t take the pain, but because I think it’s easier on everyone that way.  Does that make me a bad mom?

Speaking of moms…one of our best friends had their baby on Tuesday and I have been so disconnected from the world that I didn’t found out until yesterday.  Mom and baby and doing great, and I have to say the baby is beautiful.  She doesn’t have any of that weirdness that sometimes comes with fresh babies – like blotches, spots and cone head.  She is perfect and I can’t wait to meet her.

I am ‘hanging tough’ (that’s a throwback to NKOTB for those of you who were a preteen/teen in the 90’s) and just buying time.  I have sprayed enough Lysol in the house that I am considering buying stock.  Either that, or I am going to make Daddy drink it since it kills 99.9% of germs according to the bottle.  And it’s certainly not $25 a day.