We are back from the little slice of heaven located in southern Colorado, and I would have to say it was the best trip yet. We went with just Daddy’s parents, so it was a very relaxing trip. Monkey has missed Monga and Papa and asks about them almost daily, so it gave her a chance to refill her heart, before the business of fall and school sets in.

We pulled out late Wednesday night, so there wasn’t much to do besides unpack and settle in the first night. Thursday I woke up early and came down to find fresh coffee and my in-laws sneaking around as to not wake anyone up. I made a hot, big breakfast which everyone seemed to enjoy since the rain was rolling in over the mountains.

The fog and rain had moved out by the afternoon, and we emerged from the cabin set out for fun in the sun. Monkey rode the 4-wheeler for the first time and the family lizard made his appearance. We call him the family lizard because we are able to find him (or one of his brothers LOL) every time we go to the cabin.

While they were out and about I made banana nut muffins and did a little unpacking. I prepared dinner while Monga and Papa picked fresh raspberries, which we used the following night, in the fresh ice cream. I am not sure if more raspberries made it in the ice cream or in Monkey’s tummy, but either way she had fun.

The next day I actually got out of my pj’s (this is a rare occurrence when I am there) and went 4-wheeling with the family. Monkey rode with Daddy and I rode by myself. That is was probably a good thing, because as you can see in the pictures, there isn’t much room left on my lap for Monkey…

This picture makes me sad, because I feel like with Caterpillar on his way, moments with just the three of us are quickly fleeing. However, it was a beautiful day and the sun had burned off the morning fog – so there was no time for mom to be crying all over everyone! The sky down there is so blue and on at that time it was almost cloudless.

When my in-laws bought the cabin, a windmill and old wagon was left as well. It is always fun to go “treasure hunting” while we are there, and we love to bring back moss rocks and other treasures to remind us of the fun we’d had. This weekend was no exception, and Monkey is now old enough to partake in the activities.

Some of the greatest treasures down there are treasures we cannot bring back with us. Those treasures include the memories and the wildlife. We are always on the lookout for what is living among us.

Although I didn’t get to see a bear this time, we saw several doe, a few buck, a cow in the middle of the road, wild turkeys and even a beaver! My mother in-law claims she saw an eagle, but after we photographed it, Daddy was pretty sure it was a hawk… but who knows! When we saw the bucks, it was almost dark so unfortunately the pictures didn’t turn out, but here are some of the critters we were able to capture:

Regardless of what we saw, or didn’t see, every day ended with dessert. Monkey had her first S’More and loved it (who doesn’t!?) We even joked that it’s a good thing our fire place is gas and fully enclosed, otherwise I would likely wake up to Monkey attempting to make her own in the middle of the night.

While it was the best trip we’d had, and just what we needed right now, it is nice to be home. I missed the HOT water and the water pressure overall. I missed reading everyone’s blogs and playing online with Daddy. But, I have to say, we are hoping to give all of that up once again before Caterpillar makes his appearance. Perhaps a fall getaway is on the horizon afterall…