Even though I have been trying to catch up on our work, we have all been making time together a priority. We are leaving for the cabin tomorrow night, and I have been trying to get prepared for school prior to us leaving. I still have a list a mile long, but at night I have been trying to carve out time for some love and laughter.

It has been a struggle to get Monkey to bed on time since her sleep pattern and eating pattern went out the window when everyone got sick. She will now ask for breakfast at midnight and actually eat her usual breakfast of four eggs and toast. She doesn’t want to go to bed before ten, and doesn’t want to get up before nine. She started taking an afternoon nap again and for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to break this schedule. Normally with things like this, I go with the flow, but not only do we need to prepare for Monkeys new school schedule, but also I have felt the need to reconnect with Daddy.

When Monkey goes to bed late, Daddy typically falls asleep in her bed. An hour later I drag him out of her bed and we go to bed. That leaves no time for us to talk… let alone anything else. And that scenario is best case – meaning Monkey’s NOT in our bed.

Parents Night Out at The Rock is starting again this month, so I figured if I could hold on for a couple more weeks we would have a date night and go from there. I received the co-op schedule last night, and we are scheduled to work this month. No reconnection there… so I figured I have to take matters in my own hands.

Last night I tried to do just that. I folded about six loads of laundry and had dinner on the table when Daddy came home, but after dinner we cleaned just a few more things and watched a dumb movie on Lifetime. We made fun of the acting, and just laughed. It felt really good to reconnect, especially since the glimpse of the upcoming fall has made us want to cherish every last minute of summer with Monkey.

Although it wasn’t quite the reconnection I was looking for, and Daddy struggled to get Monkey to sleep until after midnight, I had fun. We ate Rocky Ford melons (a summer must-have) and kept things simple.

We laughed together, and relaxed. I am looking forward to our trip this weekend, and I am really looking forward to doing a whole lotta nothing.