As I had mentioned before, I have been uneasy about the whole preschool thing… which is starting very soon. But, after a lot of prayer and thought, it is starting to occur to me that it could be more than just being sad about Monkey getting so big. Rather, deep down I could have mixed feelings about the decision we made to send her to The Academy at The Rock.

At first, we thought it would be ideal. She knows the facility and really likes the indoor playscape and is comfortable there. We love the church and feel Gods presence there.

However, the week I canceled our application to Promiseland, I started seeing signs that maybe we’d jumped into the decision to switch a little to quickly. The first thing that happened is a girlfriend from MOPS emailed me, excited about the fact that our kids were going to be in the same class together. I had to sadly inform her that I had withdrawn Brooklyn earlier that day. Just a few days after that, our neighbor told us her daughter was going there, and hoped we could carpool. Again, I had to explain we wouldn’t be attending.

Then, I picked up the registration packet for The Academy and found out the meeting in which we could meet her teacher fell on a date in which we would be out of town. I emailed the director and asked if I could stop by some other day, or if she would be available on a Sunday, since I work every Sunday. The email I received back stated the teachers would be in and out the week of July 28th and I could stop by then. I didn’t really care for that answer, since it would require me to show up right when her teacher (who still remains nameless) was there. Is it just me, or does that seem like a strange way to run a program?

During this time, I also found out the program at The Academy was shorter by a couple of hours, and was about $50 more a month. I wouldn’t mind the money and the time frames, if I had something to be excited about… but I just feel like no information has been passed along. So, there’s nothing to look forward to.

Also, after the week at VBS it occurred to me that it may be too much for her to be at the same place all week. She didn’t want to go to VBS by the end of the week, and I am worried that after two days of school, and MOPS (which falls on a different day), she won’t want to attend church on Sundays.

I can’t help but feel the Godly connection with Promiseland. Their focus is God and the belief that God is in everything. When I visited the facility, I was so impressed with the way the teacher was teaching basic math, through God and His teaching. They go once a week into the santuary for praise and worship. Her heart really showed me there doesn’t have to be a split between God and education.

I parents manual for The Academy states their approach is ‘Christian based’, but what does that mean, and is that enough? I want Monkey to love the Lord first, and learning second. I want her heart to be in tune with His, and the rest will fall into place. After all, she’s only three. There is plenty of time for math and writing. I want her to learn Gods heart so she understands why we need math and writing later.

The icing on the cake was when an email went out to all MOPS mommies, indicating a MOPS special would be offered for The Academy students, allowing half off the registration fees. I haven’t paid anything or turned in any paperwork, so I emailed the director and asked if we would be eligible. Unfortunately, the special was only for new applicants. I guess picking up the packet committed us to the program, and excluded us from any offers.

At that point, Travis sent an email to the director and asked very pointed questions that we need answers to, such as:

  1. Who will be caring for our child in three weeks when we drop her off? How can we contact this person? How was this person selected? Can we change teachers if we desire?
  2. When can we see the curriculum that was selected? How was it selected?
  3. What is the discipline process that will be used while my child is in your care? Who will be implementing the discipline and what are the guidelines surrounding that?
  4. Will there be room mothers, or an opportunity for us to volunteer and be active in the class room? Can we observe activities during the day, and what is the process for that?

Being a Communication Specialist he was a little more elequent then I am, but you get the point. Basically, WHAT IS GOING ON?

While he sent that email, I emailed Karen, the director at Promiseland. This morning when I got up, there was an email waiting for me in my inbox. Thankfully, there is still a spot available, and she still has our paperwork on file, so we have the option of returning to our first choice.

We haven’t heard back from The Academy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not totally against The Academy, and our decision has not been made. And, I know it’s crazy to totally change directions less than three weeks out, but I am just not at peace with this yet. And perhaps it is just mommy-blues as I prepare for our next chapter in life. But, perhaps not.