With Valentines Day approaching, I have been racking my brain for what I can do for Travis this year. Our six year anniversary is also in February, as is Monkey’s birthday.

We have been passing around a horrendous cold since before Christmas so we have either been sick or caring for the sick for too long. I have been working on refinancing our house, potty training the dog and Monkey, attending MOPS, cooking for MOPS, MOMS and The Rock, and we are starting Kindermusik this week.

Travis has two pretty big web projects right now, and his office is moving at his full time job so there is rush and stress relating to that. He has been working late a little more and has been talking to/meeting with side-business clients weekly.

Did I mention we are starting a new class tonight at church?!

We have been going non-stop, and I for one am tired! Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful to have the opportunities we have and I am not complaining by any means, but I could certainly use a nap.

So, how do we refocus on each other during the up and coming season of love? Valentines Day is no big deal for us, but I do love our anniversary. I love to celebrate the love we found so many years ago and still have to this day. On our wedding day we gave music cd’s to our guests with our favorite and meaningful songs. Travis makes me another edition of the cd every year, and I have yet to come up with something that means that much to him. We have played the Romantic Nights game, and occasionally still do. We have date night about once a month, and spend hours playing WoW together, but I ready for something new.

I once asked one of my elders at a work conference what she does to keep her marriage alive, and I was shocked when she said Victorias Secret and videos, but that being said I will ask the same question of you now:

What do you and your spouse/significant other do to stay connected?

Since I am putting you on the spot…

What is the best gift you have ever received and why?

I can’t wait to hear all of your responses, and I hope during the next month you are all blessed with the love that is in the air.