I thought I would take a minute and introduce you to some of the fam.

This is my oldest.

She’s 16 going on 50.  She has an old soul, a gift for music and writing, and she loves all things chocolate. She’s a dungeon mistress, and she is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. I cannot believe this, but she’s leaving for college in about a year.  I’m not ready, but she is, so I guess we are doing this thing.

(This is one of her senior pictures, taken by Allegra Villella. If you tell her we sent you, you get $50 off, so holler if you have an upcoming senior and we will give you the deets.)

Next is my youngest


He does everything in a BIG way. He loves and laughs big. When he’s into something, he’s ALL IN.  Right now, he’s into baseball, where he plays short, center, pitches and has recently taken a big interest in catching.

He switched schools (again!) this year and he’s worked hard to make it his best year yet.  So far this summer he’s been leading his gaming group, having fun with local friends, playing baseball, and outgrowing his shoes and pants faster than I can press “buy” on Amazon Prime.

Next up, The Papa.

We met about 25 years ago when a mutual friend set us up at a karaoke bar, where he won me over with a little song called Safety Dance, by a group called Men Without Hats. He is funny and kind.  He’s smart and he loves fiercely.

We were married in 2002, and I cannot imagine being on the rollercoaster of life with anyone else.  He’s not perfect, but he’s perfect for me.

Speaking of me, I’m the mama. 

I grew up in Colorado, but we moved to Oregon in 2016.  I love all of the things you’ll find here on the blog – family, gardening, glamping and food. I hope you’ll stick around and let me get to know you by sharing your blogs, comments and thoughts!

Welcome to the hub of everything I’ve made over my lifetime, and everything that has made me.