As all Coloradians know, March is usually our snowiest month. We have been very mild all year, which can be tragic come summertime because of the forest fires our state faces almost every year.

March was winding down and we still had very little.  All of that quickly changed when we had a blizzard settle in right on top of our state.  For two days we were snowed in, and I was singing praises because Daddy finally had a snow day!

We spent two days, hunkered down waiting for the storm to pass.  About half way through the storm, we opened the door and snapped this picture:


If you look closely, you can see the mountains that have been hidden in the fog and snow.  Also, notice my poor burning bushes peeking out of the top of the snow.  We needed the moisture, but not all one time!

But, in true Colorado form, once the storm passed, the sun was bright and everyone emerged from their homes to clean up their driveways and walkways.


And, Monkey and Daddy built their first snowman together.  In the past they had gone outside and played in the snow, but she wasn’t all that interested in doing much of anything.  This time they had a mission, and the snow was perfect because it had started to melt so it was heavy and wet.


I thought we might have a crisis on our hands since the snow wasn’t going to stick around for much longer, but Monkey thought it was hilarious when the head and belly melted off.

In those two short snow days I was reminded that storms are typically only here for a short time.  And it’s important to hunker down with loved ones and wait.  Because the sun will come out, melt away all that was threatening, and provide the cleansing and freshening up we all need.