I love getting ideas from Pinterest.  If you haven’t visited them, but like DIY projects, I’d recommend checking them out.

I found the idea for a meal calendar on there, and kind of combined different ideas to come up with this:

It was so simple to do, but best of all it was CHEAP.  I found the shutter at REStore for $5.  If you have a REStore near you, do yourself a favor and go.  Now.  I’ll be here when you get back.

It was a little beat up, but I liked the look, so I beat it up a little more.

I bought a 10 x 10 frame at Micheals for less than $5, and inserted a piece of scrapbook paper as my background.

I then cut and rounded the edges of paint chips (you know those little cardstock pieces showing you what color the paint is at the hardware store) and glued it to the scrapbook paper.  I used stickers for the letters of the day of the week and our name.  Framed it up, mounted it to the shutter (with picture hanger hardware so I can take it off to write).

Lastly, Daddy hung it all up for me, we attached a swag that my MIL gave me and wrote out our meals with a dry erase marker on top of the glass.

Easy peasy.

If you create something similar, link me or post a picture on my Facebook page.  I’d love to see your creativity in action!