Yesterday was a bit hectic because the night before was spent in the ER due to continuous contractions.  Thankfully, they finally went away, but we were pretty scared nonetheless.  Daddy went to work as soon as we came home from the ER (why do these things always have to happen in the middle of the night, and why does it take four hours to do anything there??) and Monkey and I laid down for some much needed sleep.

Apparently, I needed a little more than Monkey.  I had canceled Monkey’s play date for the day, so she was stuck with boring ol’ mom.  I have to say, she did really well.  She was very loving all day, and vegged out with me and watched movies and even joined me in the bath after a little while.

Since we were doing so well, and poor Daddy has been trying to balance EVERYTHING, I called him and told him he could stay late at work and get caught up, if it would help him relax once he got home.  He agreed and although Monkey was ready for Daddy’s arrival, she was very good about the change in plans.

Then, my sister-in-law Sandy called and told me she was on her way over to pick up Monkey for a girls night out.  She would be at my house in a half hour, and would dress and feed Monkey if I hadn’t done so.  Again, my heart was melted by the gift she was providing.  She had worked a full day, but yet some how she made the time and effort to care for us, and our needs.  After I hung up the phone, and I was dressing Monkey, I told her of Sandy’s plans and Monkey was jumping up and down, just ecstatic. Obviously, she had been humoring mom all day, but in her heart she was yearning to get out and go!

The greatest thing about this journey, is the reconnection we have felt.  Monkey has had the opportunity to spend time with family, and has loved every minute of it.  She adores them, and they love her, but our lives became so busy that those relationships were somewhat neglected.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that is out of the ordinary, or anyone’s fault, but through all of this I have realized how important it is to refocus on what’s really important.

Monkey and her Aunt Sandy have always had a special bond.  First of all, they look almost exactly alike.  They both have thick dark hair, and china-doll skin. They are the only ones in the family to have that combination. I have always thought Aunt Sandy was the most beautiful person in the family.  But it goes way beyond looks.  Aunt Sandy has a way of providing a comfort to Monkey like no one else.

I specifically remember on Monkey’s first birthday, Monkey was teething, and just miserable.  The party went on, but all Monkey wanted to do was melt with Aunt Sandy.  I love this picture, because Monkey is just a blob in Aunt Sandys arms. So relaxed.  So at peace.  So connected.

Often, when I think about Sandy, this is how I think of her.  So warm and calming.  Her kindness wraps around you like her arms are wrapped around Monkey.  Completely natural and genuine.  Sometimes shy and understated, but never unnoticed.  A quiet, but powerful influence. I can’t wait until she has kids of her own because there are so many children who will never experience something like Aunt Sandy has to offer.

When she brought her back, Monkey had crashed out for the night.  She had worn her down and Monkey slept peacefully until this morning. Monkeys heart and body had what it needed to rest, which allowed Travis and I to do the same.