Our journey group has been great.  I can’t say that enough.  Everyone has been coming consistently and the conversations are so… genuine.  It’s always stressful to get the house cleaned up and the food ready, but after I just feel so darn good.

Last week, one of the women shared she has a friend who has a three year old son who was diagnosed with Leukemia a year ago.  They live in Grand Junction (about four hours from here) but have been staying near here in order to go to Childrens Hospital.  I didn’t say much of anything, because honestly, what is there to say?  We were talking about what we could do to help this family and I asked if the mom would like some pictures taken before she goes home to Grand Junction.  She said she would check in with her and get back to me.

The next day I found out she was interested.  Isaac (the little boy) was having a test done that day, and if the test didn’t go well, his treatments would be complete, and he would be sent home.  If the test went as everyone was hoping, there would be more treatment that could benefit him, so he would be allowed to stay a little longer.

Christa, (Isaac’s mom) called back and said the test did not go as everyone had hoped.  The doctors do not have any other options, and were sending Isaac home to be comfortable during his remaining three months.

I met Christa and Isaac at the apartment in which they were staying, since Isaac can’t really be around other people due to the risks involved with infection. We went out into the courtyard and just played.


I know, I probably couldn’t give a 3 year old a camera lens, but who can say ‘no’ to this face??


As a mother, I cannot even imagine what Christa has been through, and is facing today.  Even with a full life in front of me, I feel like I cannot cootchie with my kiddos enough.


As Christa and I talked, she told me that all of his running around and having fun would be cut short.  He has about three weeks left until he will need to be in bed.  Then, they just wait until God calls him.  Three short weeks.

Three weeks, until all Christa has left are memories and these photographs.  I know it’s not enough.  But, it’s all I have to give.


Thank you, Isaac Krebs.

You are a gift from God, and you changed my life with just a couple of hours of your limited time.