When I launched moresugarthanspice.com I had heavily debated a food category.  Because, as you know, we’re Italian and we love food.  Plus, the whole brand of my site lends well to it – by Daddy’s cleaver design, of course.

Going gluten free was a challenge, but we’ve settled into a healthier lifestyle of GF eating, and we are back to having fun cooking and eating together.  With a food section of the blog, I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to keep up, since sometimes I am a total slacker when it comes to the journal side, so I reached out to a near and dear, most favoritist person to see if she’d be interested in joining me.

She’s interested, but also looking for time in her calendar, which is okay by me, as I will need time to sweet talk Daddy into the addition.  I have given him more headaches with this site and the MOPS site than most clients in a year, so this might need to involve pumpkin pie and other things that aren’t on his Candida diet.

We’re thinking this section would include recipes, reviews of restaurants and food products, etc. etc.  What do you think?  Would you read it and/or find something like that interesting?

So, if you could join me by getting your prayer on for all of us, as we navigate through this new endeavor, I’d really appreciate it!  I’ll keep you posted!