We had a pretty heartbreaking appointment with Dr. Newbie on Wednesday.  She just started at our doctors office this week, so although she was frazzled, she was very nice.  She had a hard time getting the ultrasound machine to work, but once she did, she took the baby’s measurements and told us Caterpillar was measuring about a month too small.  She explained this happens when the placenta is failing, and food is not being received by the baby.  She scheduled us for a full work up on Friday, told us when this happens, the only option is delivery, and we went home heavy hearted.

I made a conscious decision to not let the news waiver my focus on God.  I knew there was nothing we could do about it, and that worrying would only make matters worse.  Daddy wasn’t as convinced, but he made an effort to humor me.  We were almost home when I decided we needed to get out.  I told Daddy I wanted to go to dinner.  Neither one of us really felt like eating, but an appetizer somewhere would be fun.  We turned around and went to a local brewery for some nachos.  We were on a mission for real nachos.  Messy, piled high nachos.  Not the perfect triangles covered in a measured amount of cheese, but the real deal.

We ordered our drinks and while we were waiting, Daddy got a call from work that he had to take care of.  We had to leave so Daddy could get home to his computer and resolve the issue.  We hurriedly left, and I was bummed to go home.  I felt as soon as we walked in the door, we would wallow in the bad news and ruin the whole night.  Monkey was staying at Monga and Papas, which is always hard on us because the house seems empty, and too quiet. I was just not interested in going home.  But, we had no choice, so home we went.

Daddy spent about ten minutes on his work and said he was ready to go.  We left again and I convinced him to make the drive to Babies R Us, because if this situation does continue down the path it’s on, we need a car seat.  We went to Lodos and found our messy, piled on nachos and headed over to Babies R Us.  After a lot of advice from someone who works there and a lot of playing on our part, we decided to go with the Chicco Travel System.

We came home late and I was tired.  We watched the end of Sarah Palins speech and headed up to bed.  I made the decision that every time a negative thought entered my head, I would pray that God would help keep those thoughts at bay.  I prayed He would help me to focus on the fact that we don’t know a whole lot for sure yet, and with God, anything is possible.

I continued this thinking through Thursday and after a sleepless night Thursday night, we went for our check up on Friday.

One of the nurses came in as I was getting ready for the ultrasound and explained to the tech we have had lost urine samples, canceled appointments and complete chaos, so she wanted a full work up so they could give us some definite answers.  That’s a good start, especially considering it wasn’t Dr. Bowties nurse – just another nurse in the office who took the time to care.

The ultrasound tech first measured Caterpillars head and told us it is measuring average.  I almost cried.  Two days ago we were told his noggin was about three weeks behind.  Next she measured his abdomen.  This was the measurement that scared me.  We were told he was about five weeks behind on this measurement.  Turns out, he again, is measuring average.  She measured his arms, legs, heartbeat, my placenta and the fluid output.  She looked at the umbilical cord and confirmed it is still a little boy.  We looked at his very full bladder and tried to catch him emptying it, but he wasn’t budging.

Everything came back perfect.

We next had an appointment with Dr. Bowtie and found out my blood pressure is back down.  The protein is completely gone from my urine.  Not even trace amounts are left.  I have lost two pounds in water retention and all of my swelling is completely gone.  Dr. Bowtie explained that we will likely still deliver early, and the bed rest likely delayed continued problems and bought us more time.  His best guess was anywhere from three to seven weeks from now.

I know I have a lot of readers, both male and female, who do not believe in God.  My question for all of you, is how do you explain things like this?  Science can’t explain it, and neither could Dr. Bowtie – even with his Harvard medical degree.  His years of experience did nothing to help lead him towards an explanation.

I, of course, believe this miracle was provided by God because of my conscious effort to go to Him.  I ran to Him, even when my first reaction was to wallow in self pity and sadness.  I didn’t change anything I did physically – I was on bed rest and still am.  But I forced a reconnection through prayer, worship and study.  And a modern day miracle happened.