Our MOPS group has been a true blessing to me and really helped me through the transition of becoming a stay at home mom. While I always knew this was my calling, the fact that Monkey really is the one in control took some getting use to.

This spring we are participating in the MOPS international walk to raise money for our group. The money raised will go to our crafts, speakers, the MOPPETTES program and most importantly, scholarships. We had a mommy at our table who could not afford to attend MOPS, so I have seen first hand how important this money is to someone who is in need.

What is great about the MOPS walk is all of the money goes into our fund. There is no overhead for our group to walk, therefore every dollar donated will benefit our group. If you are interested in contributing, or reading more about it, please go to my donation page.

If you are unable to donate at this time, please pray for our group not only financially, but pray we have good weather, healthy mommies, and a great walk!