It has taken a while for us to get back to our usual routine after that bout with sickness, but I feel like we are almost there. Let me also add, that I have never been the perfect housekeeper. I love to enjoy my house and I want my family to do the same. I don’t walk around picking up every little thing and then stressing when it gets pulled out all over again. I was like that when I first started staying home and it didn’t work for me. I wasn’t any fun and learned quickly I would never be ‘done’ anyway. So, now I have settled into the mentality that it will get done when I can, and if I stop to laugh or rest in between… oh well – the chores will be waiting for me when I am done.

Well, while Monkey and Daddy were sick, I was so busy caring for them that I did, I now realize perhaps a little too much resting afterward. We now have a mountain of laundry that needs to be done. Multiply worst case scenario by two or possibly three because Monkey is still learning to stay dry throughout the night – which means loads and loads of bedding laundry to be done sooner rather than later. This includes our bedding, because she will climb into bed with us, only for us to wake up hours later as the warm pee is running down our back and onto our bedding. Just another reminder that parenthood is not for the weak or weary.

This weekend, however we all felt pretty good. We got some school shopping done for Monkey and finally started to gather up the mess from the past month. Daddy and Monkey tossed clothes down from upstairs and before I knew it, we had a mountain. Normally I would be embarrassed at the mess, but lately I have tried to allow the same grace for myself, that I would extend to others. So, instead of beating myself up, I took a picture.

I let Monkey crawl into the mountain (which I would normally be disgusted by) and I even crawled in with her. We turned up the radio, and went to town on getting caught up. Although, as you can imagine, we aren’t any where near being done, it was nice to spend the day laughing and working together, instead of separating myself from the family, and dreading the work that needed to be done.