Today was parent-teacher conferences for Monkeys preschool.  Actually, yesterday was, and I totally missed the appointment, but we’ll talk about my shotty memory later…. if I don’t forget.

I was a little nervous because Monkey tends to have a very large imagination, which can sometimes lead to her being easily distracted.  We got there and her teacher went over her little grade sheet, which Monkey got the highest mark on everything.  The teachers comments said she is a very aggressive learner and pursues knowledge!  I was a little surprised, but of course so thrilled.  But, the best part for me was when she told me Monkey was the first one in her class to start reading and that she even helps other kids read when they are learning sounds and letters.

I mean, what mom doesn’t think their little one is perfect, but it never hurts to hear that other people think that too!  When I told the teacher what school she’d be attending next year for Kindergarten, she said she was so happy to hear we were selected in the lottery and that she really felt like it would be a great fit for our little one!  It’s so nice to just step aside and let God figure things out… even though usually while I am stepping aside I am complaining and being impatient the whole time. 🙂

I could not have been more happy about her teachers feelings towards Monkeys new school, as we are all registered.  Doesn’t she look so little under the Kindie-crew sign?

[singlepic id=464 w=640 h=480 float=center]

How about near the building?

[singlepic id=465 w=640 h=480 float=center]

And even though she looks so small to me, I am reminded every day just how big she’s getting.  Every time I hear her reading, or hear her giggling at a joke that she actually gets it’s hard for me not to be a little sad about how quickly she’s growing up.  But, I am also so excited for who is is becoming.  And, to celebrate her being a big girl …

[singlepic id=463 w=640 h=480 float=center]

We let her drive home.