Monkey declared on Tuesday night that she wanted to be a “sparkly ballerina prinpress”.  I was pretty surprised because she isn’t really a super girlie-girl.  She doesn’t know the Disney princesses by name, and her feather boas get more attention from our cats than the little girl in our house.  But she not only told me, but also demonstrated that she wants to leap around and twirl on one leg just like a sparkly ballerina prinpress.

Daddy and I talked a little about it when Monkey went to bed, and since swim hasn’t been going well, we decided it might be a good time to look into it.  I looked a little online, and found the prices more reasonable than what we were looking at for her next set of swim lessons, so I decided to keep it in mind as an option.

As we were getting ready for school the next day Monkey let me know that she wanted to wear ballerina “prinpress shoes and a pink dress” to school.  I convinced her the playground was no place for ballet shoes and her tennis shoes would be a better match for fun in the sun, and we were off.  On my way home I could not help but notice the huge NOW ENROLLING banner in the local dance shop.  I called the number listed and left a message, and decided to look on the website when I got home.  I was disappointed to find the only new 3 year old class is on Mondays at 11am – during Monkey’s preschool time.

I picked her up after preschool yesterday and tried to build excitement about her first dentist appointment that was scheduled for later in the afternoon by telling her the dentist was going to clean her teeth so they would be sparkly like a princess.  I told her Prince Daddy was going to meet us at the office and she could show him how beautiful her teeth were. She was very excited.

She let the dentist count her teeth and after about two teeth were polished princess perfect, she was decided prince or no prince, she was done.  The wicked step-mother in me revealed a shiny apple (a prize out of the prize drawer) and two more were able to be cleaned.  However, it was not long before the princess was no longer deceived.  We left with our four polished teeth and an appointment to try again in six months.  Oh – and we found out the makings of a cavity are nestled in a tooth, far, far away.

We all came home after swim lessons, and it wasn’t long before sleeping beauty was in a slumber, not to be awoken until morning.

After a tiring doctors appointment this morning, I looked at Monkey in my rear view mirror and thought about the recent conflicts we have faced regarding her behavior at home, at school, and at swim.  It has been a struggle for all of us.  But, as I looked at her patiently waiting to be let out of her seat I realized no matter how frustrated I get with her, God created her for our family.

Her heart is caring and kind.  She is silly and fun.  She makes me laugh, and I miss her when she’s not with me.  She can be a handful and helpful in the same moment.  And even though there are some days when I do nothing but spankings and time outs, when I look at her big blue eyes, my heart is filled with excitement for the fairy tales to come. The fact is, even though she doesn’t know, in my heart, she is already my sparkly prinpress.