I was out of town Friday, until Sunday, with the Steering team from MOPS planning all that is to come next year.  It’s an exciting time, but I was very tired when I got home.  It was a lot of continual brain power!

That being said, it’s looking like it may shape up to be the best year since I’ve been part of the group.  Not because of anything I am doing, or even anything that even anyone else in particular is doing, but simply because God is moving in this ministry!  It has been so exciting to see Him bring the gifts and talents He needs in our team, and even more exciting to see the people who brought them shine.  I absolutely loved everything people presented this weekend, and it just made me so much more sure of the placement of each and every member.

While I was gone, one of our best friends from our Journey Group moved to Denver.  While it’s not that far, it’s still sad to know she won’t be coming to JG when we start back up in the fall.

Lastly, remember that ‘before’ photo I showed when we were installing the play land in the back yard?  If not, please review:

[singlepic id=1241 w=576 h=432 float=center]

See what we lovingly call ‘the kidneys’?  Those would be those big blobs of brown and random plants.

Now that you see them, notice the walls that lead up to the kidneys.

Now think about how on Earth we are going to get the new mulch from the driveway in the front of the house into those kidneys.

Now leave those ideas in the comments, because aside from lifting a wheelbarrel up two walls, we haven’t come up with much.

Wasn’t that a lovely way of manipulating you into getting creative about our little dilema?

Onward and upward, people.  Onward and upward.