Monkey came home last week with a note filled with hearts and confessions of undieing love.  When I grilled her about the details we chatted, she informed me that they were just best friends.

Best Friends? I thought.  They’ve only been in school together for a week.

I asked her for his name and she told me it was Colon.  Colon? No way.  Did my daughter become BFF’s with someone who’s named after a not-so-popular body part?!  I assured her there was no way that was his name, but she insisted so I went with it.  She does go to a hippie school, after all.

Every day since, she’d come running up to me after school, just as happy as a clam.  Our high/low games at dinner have turned into talks about Colon and all of the fun things they’ve done together and how much she’s absolutely loving Kindergarten.

That part makes my heart smile.

I was chatting with a girlfriend about the pain in the colon, and informed me that her daughter and her friends were all boy crazy when they were in Kindie.

No way.  Not my Monkey.

And even though I know her intentions are innocent, and I have no reason to believe his aren’t, but just to be sure, I checked him out during my volunteer time at her school.  It was then I found out his name was Conner.  Only a slight mistake (but one I had to document to giggle about later.)

That night, I unloaded all of the love letters, and found some artwork from another little boy.  When I grilled her about the details chatted with her, she explained that this little boy had given it to her because she’d mentioned she thought it was cool.

Seriously?  Could my girlfriend be right?  Are these kids already, dare I say, flirting?

I am still confident that Monkey has no clue that these boys may one day consider her more than just her friend.  But when do they start to put that together?  Not in a birds and the bees kind of way, but in a hey, ‘you make me smile’ kind of way?

Someone clue me in here, and please don’t let Kindergarten be your answer.

Off to obsess over this now,