It seems that we are to be blessed by another child. I find it difficult to contain my excitement. As usual, I am trying to play it cool, but this really is overwhelming and thrilling all at the same time. There are a lot of things that are different with this pregnancy:

  • Angie is not working. Well, she is working (I love ya babe), but she is now working in the home. No more early morning and late evening trips to various childcare outlets.
  • We live in a different house. I guess we need to start baby-proofing this place. This is a blessing as well as our last house would have been a bit too small.
  • Angie isn’t as sick as she was last time. Maybe it is a boy.
  • I am a lot more calm. Of course, this could all change at the first ultrasound. I tend to be a visual thinker.

It is our second go at this…so hopefully I will have learned a few things from the first time around. I now know that it is okay for a child to skip the baby-food stage and go directly to steak and taters. I also learned to spend a little extra money on diapers and a thermometer, but it is okay to cheap out on baby-wipes and formula. Time to start putting together another nursery. Although, I suppose I should finish Monkeys room first…

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