About six months ago we decided Monkey was ready for potty training. We went out and bought the musical potty, flushable wipes, panties, stickers and a sticker chart and candy.

I came home so determined only to realize it was a false alarm… she wasn’t ready. She would only tell me she had to go potty AFTER she went. So, I packed everything up and decided not to push the issue.

Then, about a month ago she came up to me and ripped off her diaper (luckily it wasn’t dirty) and said “No more diapers mommy”. So, I brought everything back out and wouldn’t you know it… she really meant it! No more diapers… for the most part.

What I learned (and what I thought I already knew) is that everyone does things at their own pace and this life is not on my schedule… even if I jump up and down and piss and moan about it.

Isn’t it amazing that God used a two year old child to teach me one of lifes greatest lessons?