As you may have noticed in the previous post pictures, Monkey lost her first tooth.  She noticed it was loose about a week and a half ago and she wiggled it and wiggled it, and it got looser and looser.

Then, around 6am she came in excited that she had woken to find her tooth on her tongue!  She could not have been more excited, and somewhere along the way the tooth right next to her gaping hole also loosened up.

The tooth fairy apparently has really taken inflation into consideration (does she not know the state of our current economy!?) because she gave her $5 AND a candy bar.  Doesn’t that seem insane?!  I blame it on that little finger that Daddy is hopelessly wrapped around.

Aunt J pointed out the candy bar was just future job security for the tooth fairy, but either way I am completely convinced the precedence set by the tooth fairy is one we’ll come to regret.