We did it.

For Christmas, Travis bought me a puppy online from Lobo Puppies and we received our little baby today. We just purchased him yesterday, so we were very happy with the quick turn around. As I was standing in line at the airport behind all of the grumpy people who had lost luggage, I noticed a small kennel with his name on it, but the door was open and there was no puppy inside.

I pointed the kennel out to Travis, and the lady behind the counter heard me and asked if I was there to pick up a puppy. I said I was, and she said she could help me so I wouldn’t have to stand in line. She asked who I was there for, and I told her Stewart – a bulldog. She said ‘ahhh… the little whining baby… we have him back here.’ I followed her to a small room where the tables had been pushed together to make a little pen. She picked him up and said ‘here’s your mommy!’ and I almost cried. He is so perfect.

I have to admit we were skeptical buying something like this online (you wouldn’t believe what I have seen Travis do in Photoshop) but Melody at LoBo Puppies was a pleasure to work with and the photos of the dogs are very accurate.

We decided to name him Bluto. For those of you who aren’t sure where that name came from, Bluto is Popeye’s original nemesis. In 1957 Blutos name was changed to Brutus because the studio thought there was a copywright issue with the name Bluto. However in 1960 the studio realized there was no issue, and changed his name back to Bluto.

Bluto slept all of the way to PetSmart and awoke to a store full of cooing employees. Everyone thought he was so cute and the groomer said he was one of the most beautiful bullies she has ever seen, and even commented that he had a very nicely cropped tail.

He came home and was a ball of energy… for about ten minutes. He rolled around on the floor, climbed all over Monkey and threw his bone to show how tough he was. He snarfed some food, then he fell asleep – standing up! I moved him to his bed, in which he slept for a little while. He then rolled out of his bed, scooted up to the fire place and fell back asleep.

Yep, he’s a Chillemi already.