Monkey had her placement for cheerleading on Saturday.  They had told us ahead of time that parents were not allowed to stay and watch, and that a parent meeting would be held at the same time.  So I was prepared to drop her off. What I wasn’t prepared for was her confidence as she joined the circle. 

Rah-Rah for Monkey!  She was already having fun.

We went to the parents meeting, then we were sent on our way and told we could come back just before noon for a performance.  While we were out and about killing time, it hit me:

Sheesh – we have never dropped her off at something before.  We try very hard not to over complicate our lives so she hasn’t participated in too many things, and with soccer we always stay and watch practice.

Boom!  The tears.  I couldn’t help it – I couldn’t help but worry about her.  What if she was feeling like I used to (and sometimes still) feel in a group setting.  That feeling that creeps up only to remind me of what a nerd I truly am.  The reminder that no matter how old I am or how hard I try, there will always be someone who can do it better and easier than I can.  The feeling that no one will notice anything special in me.

We went to pick her up, and she had a blast.  She did the performance, and considering she has never done anything such as dance, gymnastics, etc., I thought she did pretty good.  She was smiling and having fun, and even during the placement tests she was so relaxed.  She’s definitely her daddy’s daughter.

Yesterday, the squads were assigned and posted online.  I swear I checked the website 100 times before they went up.  Her number was listed on the beginning squad.

Bah!  I was hoping she’d get to at least compete.  Of course, logically there would be no way she’d compete this year.  This group goes up through 8th graders, with only two squads competing.  But in my heart, I was a little sad for her. It was the first time I had seen her go for something and not do fantastic!

When I told her she’d made the white team and she couldn’t have been happier!  She’s excited, been practicing her cheer all morning and looking forward to a great season with her friend from soccer.  After sleeping on it, it occurred to me today that she went for it and she did do fantastic!  She threw herself out there, did the best she could do and had fun doing it.

That’s certainly more than I ever did.  Even though I participated in a lot of things in my younger years, I have to admit I am not sure I wholeheartedly loved and enjoyed any of it. I am embarrassed to admit that yesterday I was actually sad about the outcome – guess it’s time for me to learn a thing or two from the five year old.  She’s pretty wise in her old age.