I always learn so much from my plants. They are very wise, if you stop to learn.

My cucumbers are going CRAZY this year. They definitely like their new spot, and I’m already drooling over the pickles that will soon be in my fridge.

When I stopped by to check on them today, I saw this little guy:

He really made me think about the past year, and how thanks to the pandemic, we’ve gotten out of the practice of TOUCHING each other.  I don’t mean in a weird, pervy way … I just mean friendly handshakes between neighbors, hugs between friends, and even helping each other at the grocery store has gotten weird.

But not for this little guy.  He’s got one hand holding on tight, and the other is stretched out, just inches away from the peppers.

He’s not afraid.

And because he’s not afraid, he’s thriving.

I think we can all learn a thing or two from this little cuke. Let’s all take time to live our best lives, and let the storms come as they may, because together we can hang on tight, and overcome anything.