Nurse Turntable called today to let me know the results of the glucose test I did last week.  I was relieved that I didn’t hear her say I was in a pre-diabetic state like she had guessed, but she did say I have reactive hypoglycemia.  After her recording of canned information, I asked her if I could get an example of some meals or snacks that I should be eating and she had me come by for some booklets of information.

From what I can gather from all of those packets (which were just diabetes diet booklets) and the internet, my body is producing excessive insulin and my levels remain high even after the food is processed.  I was very relieved to hear they weren’t jumping to a pill, and feel I can control it through diet.  She recommended I eat snacks every three hours, and limit (but not eliminate) my carbs and sugars.  Increase my fiber and basically eat healthy, whole grains, etc.

Since I don’t eat gluten, my carbs are already pretty limited, and it would actually be pretty easy to eliminate them, if in the future it’s necessary.

The main issue for me is the eating every three hours.  My metabolism is SO messed up.  I have to take my Synthroid in the morning which means I can’t eat or drink for an hour after.  Well, at that point, my day is a-rockin’!  Sadly, I really don’t eat until at least 1pm, often closer to 3pm.  Then, I eat lunch (usually pretty healthy) and we eat big dinners.  Lately, I have been snacking at night, but I can cut that out as well.  As it stands, I think the most challenging thing she said is the fact that she wants me to be eating so many times throughout the day.

I guess I don’t have much choice, however, so I’ll keep you posted!