So it feels a little weird to still be blogging about this as my reboot, since it’s just become my life now, but I had dinner with some friends and I was asked about it. Who even knew anyone reads this blog? I guess at least two people do!

We now eat primarily organic foods, and have changed from a meat and taters family, to meat being consumed just a few nights a week. We eat a lot more fresh fruits and veggies, but the fact that it’s almost summer doesn’t hurt either – I’d venture to say we always swing in a healthier direction at this time. When we eat carbs (which isn’t often anymore) we typically stick to grains such as quinoa or wild rice. This Italian family rarely eats pasta anymore, but as many tummy issues as it was giving me, I can’t say I crave it. Now when we do have it, we eat whole wheat organic, and I don’t have any issues, which is good thing. A very good thing.

When we do date night, or if I go out with the girls, I typically just get what I want. I have a glass of wine (sometimes two!), and try to avoid pasta. Everything else is fair game. I don’t do this often, and honestly when I do, I see no change on the scale or with my energy. I finally feel like my body isn’t in panic mode 24/7.

I try to blend one meal a day, with lunch being the best for me. Although sometimes I’ll do a smoothie as brunch, then eat a snack before dinner. I have to admit, I’m not blending every day any more. Organic fruits and veggies are expensive, and I’m back in the mindset that I should save them for the kids. It’s totally irrational, because truth be told they don’t eat through everything we buy, but you can just add that to my list of crazy.

I’ve lost a little bit more weight, and I’m down to 232.4. I don’t feel as light and energetic as I did when I weighed more (but was blending more), so I’m needing to get back on the blending cart to help get some of my energy back.

I am definitely having more good days than bad, however if I miss a day of my meds, it almost guarantees a bad day. My period also guarantees a bad day (or two, or three). Therefore, there’s no chance at this point I can come off the Plaquenil (for my Lupus) or my Synthroid (for my Hashimotos). My hormones are a huge player in this game.

I’ve also developed Plantar Fascitis, which is awesome. I’ve always have pretty flat feet, but they became more arched after I had kiddos. I’ve always been a flip-flop or barefoot kinda girl, so I guess I only have myself to blame. I’ve switched to grandma-style supportive shoes (even in the house!), but I suppose it goes with the grandma get-up I wear while in the sun, so it’s all good. 😉

All in all, things are good. Summer is almost here, and we’ve been pushing Monkey hard to finish strong. She seems to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel a bit more, and has been getting back to the sweet girl who started the year. In the last week, I’ve gotten a couple of texts and emails from various moms in our classroom letting me know something sweet Monkey has done that helped their child in some way. Her empathy has returned, and I can see a change when she’s with her brother too. Which really is perfect timing since they are going to be spending the next two months with each other!

The Skinny:

Energy is good, but not great. I need to get my act together and start blending again if I want that to change.

I’m still down on weight, with a total weight loss of 16.6lbs since April 1.

I hear Daddy saying more and more that I’m having a ‘snarky day’ so I must be feeling good!

I love you all more than my luggage.