Today has  been a long time coming.

We bought our blender at Costco yesterday, headed over to Whole Foods for all of our organic yummies.   We bought a scale (which is not my friend at this point thanks to the 249 lbs it says I weigh – yikes!), and I had my [intlink id=”3661″ type=”post”]last supper[/intlink] … well for a while anyway.

We woke up early and decided to go check out garage sales in our area.  The weather has been so beautiful, so I think people are ready to do summer time things … like selling their junk!

Daddy blended a huge breakfast for all of us to share.

The major players were kale, banana, orange, and cucumber.

I gotta say, love the man; didn’t love the drink.

It tasted like grassy ass.  But, have you seen how great kale is for you?! We have a love/hate relationship.

I choked down the amount I needed do in order to check it off my list.  The kids didn’t fare as well.  They were cranky and hungry, so we cut our trip short, came home and made them lunch.

I blended up these beauties.

They include strawberries, a banana and a pear.

It had good flavor, but I think I’ll hull the strawberries next time.  Monkey said she thought it was still grassy.  While I was drinking lunch, I watched the Vitamix DVD just for fun.

There were a lot of good recipes on there and I realized I wasn’t blending my drinks for near long enough.  Mine were still kinda thick, and I think I’ll fare better with drinks then smoothie consistency.

After an afternoon nap, I tried these:

Grapes, banana, apples and lemon.

I blended it for a bit longer and added about a cup of water.  It was delish.  Tasted like a Snapple. Yum-o!  I do have to admit, I have been a bit hungry today, but I already feel better – not so lethargic, and no bathroom time today. 😉

While Daddy made brinner (breakfast for dinner) for the fam, I prepped a bunch of go to drink containers.

Some have a veggie focus, and some have a fruit focus.  They all feature almost every color in the rainbow.  I’ll add other things too like pineapple and banana and maybe even nuts on the fly.  Since we are buying all organic, all I had to do was wash everything, and I feel good about just popping it in the blender.  I did some chopping so they would fit in the containers, but it’s not necessary with this bad boy:

This thing is seriously amazing.  If you aren’t familiar with Vitamix, check them out.  They are pricey, but they can replace quite a few appliances in your kitchen.  They also have a 7-year warranty, and since we bought ours at Costco (which is cheaper than ordering through them), we can return it to the store instead of shipping it back.

For those of you who are paying attention, I did start one day early.  I figured, why not?  I had everything and I was ready.  For now, I’m off to make something yummy to enjoy during a movie with the Daddy.

I love you all more than my luggage.