I woke up ready to complete the challenge of the last day. Caterpillar had school, and Monkey had a playdate scheduled with her bestie. That left me to do a few things, and focus on finishing this part of my cleanse with a bang.

I broke my fast with a peppered tomato, and it was delish. After two roma tomatoes and a few of Daddy’s sweet potato fries I felt very full.

I got up this morning and I’m having a green smoothie to make sure take in my daily nutrients.

Daddy started his cleanse today, so I’m hoping to make lunch my raw food, then I’ll blend again at dinner time.

So far, feeling good, and the transition seems to be fine as far as my tummy is concerned.

The Skinny:

I ended the fast feeling well. I’m not 100% sure I’m ready to take on food challenges yet, but that’s why I have God in my corner. I’m relying heavily on His guidance at this point, because I know I am weak, and I know this is the point at which many people fail. I cannot be one of those people. My babies mean too much to me.

Weight: Ended the fast at 233.6. (15.4 lbs total weight loss)

I love you all more than my luggage.