For the first time in a long time, I woke up pain free, AND my hands were not numb!  As Daddy put it “This is the first time you’ve smiled in the morning in a long time.”

We were able to get up as a family and get ready for church. I had a kale/strawberry/carrot/tomato/ginger smoothie.  It wasnt my fave, but it was better than yesterday.

Service was great, and we headed out to make the most of our day. First objective: find a juice bar!  Little did I know they aren’t near as popular as they used to be, so we had to drive about a half hour. We found The Red Mango, located next to Firehouse Subs – perfect for the whole fam.

They got the most delicious smelling subs. I drank a strawberry-banana smoothie. It had pro-biotics and yogurt. I would have preferred no yogurt, but it was good. 🙂

We ran to the tool store so Daddy could spend birthday boy money, came home and relaxed.

I had an all fruit smoothie, then finished my day with. A spinach/pineapple/strawberry smoothie. It was my favorite of the day.  I’ve also been enjoying a hot cuppa water with lemon slices.

Sorry for the lack of pictures – but really, how many photos of veggies and fruit do you want to see?

The skinny:

I felt good today – pain free all day.

My energy wasn’t super-high, but it got me by.

Weighed in at 247.2. (1.8 total)

For the handful of you who have asked – no colon blow as of today. In fact, less than any other given day. I’m expecting it with my huge increase in fiber, but nothing to report yet!

I love you more than my luggage.