Today I woke up tired. Not fatigued, just tired. I have been dreaming about food (ha!) so I think it caught up to me a bit.  I also had the worst taste in my mouth. Not sure what that’s about, but I’m throwing it out there.

My feet were a bit sore today, but I attribute that more to my poor choice in shoes yesterday, and less to my joint soreness.

Once I was up and showered, I felt good. We had counseling today, which normally causes a flare, but I still feel good.

Tonight it started to snow, and Daddy made raw tortilla style soup.

It tasted so amazing. It was filling, and warmed my belly. Did you know foods heated to less than 110 degrees are still in their raw state? The recipe was in our Vitamix cookbook, and it was blended and heated right in the Vitamix. How cool is that?! He omitted the black beans, cheese and tortilla chips, and I didn’t miss them. He also added flaxseed to thicken it a bit. He subbed out veg stock for water. I’m sure the original recipe tastes better, but I was sick of cold smoothies, so I welcomed the change.

I also made some fresh salsa in the Vitamix.  I resisted temptation, and had Daddy do all of the taste testing.

The kids loved it, and I love that it was all organic, and I controlled the salt.

I ended the day with a green avocado/celery/tomato/carrot/spinach/cilantro smoothie and hot water with lemon.

I am feeling satisfied!

The skinny:

Energy was good. Some pain in my feet today.

Weight: 243.8 (5.2 total lost)

Random thought: There’s food everywhere – it’s no wonder we are an overweight country!

I love you all more than my luggage.