I woke up feeling good today. I had a lot of energy today, and really enjoyed my morning smoothie, including spinach, blueberries, pineapple, red grapes, tomatoes and cucumbers. I did 1/2 of the blender with food, 1/2 with ice and just a touch of water. It was almost like a frozen ice cream treat!

I only ate about 1/2 of a cup in the morning, and just snacked on it throughout the day. I had a huge decrease in appetite today, so I’m just trying to focus on what my body is telling me … And right now it’s not asking for food.

I have been cooking for my family again. I found it nice to put my hands back to work doing something I love. I made them whole wheat pasta tonight because I knew I wouldn’t crave it since it always gives me such a tummy ache. I also made bruschetta, and although the toasted bread smelled good, I knew eating it would be a trip to the bathroom. The tomatoes and basil though … They smelled amazing. I’m looking forward to incorporating raw whole foods back into my diet.

At one point today, I was craving something crunchy. I really thought about finding some flaxseed crackers (the kind that only contain dehydrated flaxseed), but the store didn’t have them, and I took that as my sign to stay with my liquid only plan.

God has been so faithful during this time. He has made this so much easier than I thought it would be. He has made the plan clear, so at this point I’m sticking to liquid fruits and veggies, then on days 11-20 I’ll be doing whole rawfruits and veggies, and broth soup.  I’m not sure the plan after that, but I’m confident I’ll know when I get there.

I have an appt with my rheumatologist tomorrow – I’ve stopped relying on my prednisone for every day use, and I’ve lost some weight. I’m hoping these two things will make tomorrow stress-free!


Are you drinking a lot of water?

No. I don’t feel dehydrated, my urine is clear, and there’s water in my smoothies.

Are your stools loose?

No. In fact they are the most normal they’ve been in years. I’ve only had two BM’s and there was no colon blow! (TMI?! – YOU asked!)

Does your stomach hurt?

Not at all! I think it’s happy to be resting. 😉

What food do you miss most?

Chips and salsa. The salsa will be okay in the raw stage, but I need a raw food to replace chips! Maybe celery?!

Please keep your questions coming … I love them! I’m not an expert (on pretty much anything!) but I’m happy to share what I’ve experienced.

The Skinny:

I felt amazing today. The best I’ve felt since I stopped taking the prednisone.

My appetite is very low. I’m sure it will return, but for now I’m just listening to my body.

Weight: 242 (7 lbs total weight loss)

I love you all more than my luggage.