Today was a mixed bag of ups and downs. I started the day hungry, so I blended up a spinach, blueberry, kiwi, red grape, pineapple smoothie and headed out to quickly get the boy to school in an effort to make my rheumatologist appt.

I got there just a few minutes late, chatted with the doc about the cleanse and how I’ve been feeling. He said he feels like I’m in a remission period, and I can now go six months instead of six weeks in between visits.

Having just weened myself off of the daily prednisone a few weeks ago, and pretty much feeling like crap every day until I started the cleanse, so I’m still skeptic. That being said, if I don’t see him for six months, that will mean I’m flare free for that time, and I’ll take it.

After my appt, we ran some errands – my stomach was gurgling, and finally blew at Hobby Lobby. Thank God I was alone.

Im not sure what caused this, and it knocked me off my rocker for most of the day.  It’s pretty discouraging since the focus of this cleanse is to feel better. Of course the continued weight loss is good, but I’d prefer to be fat and happy instead of skinny and miserable.

We had swim lessons, and drove to visit my mom at her new store. I stopped at a juice bar, and none of their juices came without fat free fro-yo, so I got one and I think it helped. I’m not sure if it was the protein, or what, but my tummy finally settled.

I’m still feeling worn out. Planning to curl up with some hot water and lemon, and watch some movies with my man.  On the upside, I didn’t crave anything but raw tomatoes today. Which I find odd since I didn’t like raw tomatoes until about a year ago.

The Skinny:

Today was a low energy day. Tummy troubles for the first time. I’m not fatigued, but feel run down.

I’m half way through phase one of the cleanse. That feels pretty good!

A very dear friend of mine started blending yesterday, and has been sneaking some greens in here and there. I love it!

Weight: 240.4 (8.6 total lbs lost)