We got a very early start, as Daddy and Monkey did a sunrise hike of The Rock for good Friday. They met up with church members at 6:30am, climbed the rock and prayed over the entire Castle Rock valley. Daddy said he had a great time, and they both want to do it again.

Even with the early start, I felt great today! I’m completely comfortable with my smoothies, and I actually enjoy them – even the spinach ones!

That being said, I’m definitely feeling like this phase is nearly done. I have three days left, and then I will start transitioning into whole vegetables and fruit. I can tell my body is ready, as I am now craving healthy foods like green beans, tomatoes, peas, and yes … Even spinach!

I’m very tempted to start transitioning now, but I’ve felt led to the 10 day fast, so I am going to resist that temptation! Plus, I am not convinced I will stick to veggies and fruits on Easter … If I am eating, I may want to eat it all and I refuse to fall back into old habits.

Random thought of the day: We had some of my favorite people over for dinner, and I cooked. It is so weird not to taste as I cook! I hope it didn’t taste like poo due to under or over seasoning.

The Skinny:

I felt fantastic today! Lots of energy, a pretty low appetite and no joint or muscle soreness.

Weight: 238.6 (total weight loss of 10.4 lbs)

I love you all more than my luggage.