Well hello there, stranger!  How I’ve missed you!

I have stumbled on a bit of a blank stare when it comes to actually blogging.  That makes me giggle, because even when I was little people told me I did the blank stare.  What they didn’t realize is I wasn’t blank staring at all … I was just taking it all in.  Absorbing all of the detail for me to lock away in my brain for goodness knows what at some future date.  In my former life, I used this creepy detail absorption to remember clients.  Sort of freaked them out when I would pull their names out the the vault after months of meeting them.

Anywho, my darling Monkey does not have this freakishly weird trait skill.  She’s more of a live in the moment kinda girl.  She’ll meet ya, be best friends with you in seconds, hang out all day (because she’s loyal like that) and then at the end of the day she has no idea what your name is, or anything about you.  She does remember that she liked you a whole bunch and that you had a heck of a time together.

So, when she started school, I was a little concerned how the retention side of learning was going to go.  Coupled with her Daddy’s imagination, I figured we could be in for a bit of a surprise from my people pleasin’ oldest child.  We had our student-led conference (read: hippie school) and it didn’t seem there were any issues to be concerned about.  Well, none that she shared anyway.  About a week later we got report cards, and they don’t give letter grades in her school. (read: hippie school)

A “1” means you are on target for grade level in the first trimester, a “2” means you are on target for the second semester, and a “3” means you are on target for third semester for the grade.  The first category for the Kindie Crew is reading and letter recognition.  She got 2.5 – 3 in every sub-category.  The second category was math.  She got 1’s in every category.  There were no teacher comments, so I’m taking the card to mean she’s pretty much on track, and her reading is a bit ahead.  We did know that, as she’s reading books like The Magic Treehouse Series (and has been since last summer) so needless to say I wasn’t all that surprised.  The fact that she’s great in English and average in math however was a bit of a surprise.

Guess she’s a bit more like her mama then we’d all figured.