There isn’t a news report that goes by without mention of the midwest, and the storms they are suffering. The rain is so bad there, miles and miles of houses have been completely flooded out. While these families are suffering and mourning their losses, I can’t help but wonder how these families remain strong in their faith and focused on God. I have never faced such horror, but I imagine I would want to just cry out ‘why?’

In Sunday School yesterday, we taught the popular story of Jonah and the whale. Most people are familiar with the story and the concept is simple: When you are obedient to God, you will be protected. When you are not, you are on your own.

Not unlike in the story of Jonah and the whale, I often feel like my plan is the best. And not unlike a lot of people, only after I am swallowed by a whale of a problem, do I cry out for God. As always, my cries are heard, and I am spit out onto dry land.

Although I am sure there are many who disagree, I have learned flooding is actually a good thing. It washes away debris and sediments, and provides more fertile ground. The nutrients are infused into the land and the soil is stimulated. The part of Colorado I am in is not considered a flood zone, but my heart certainly is.

Just when I think I can’t handle any more and I start to cry out ‘why’, my dam cracks and to breaks, and the emotions flow freely. That is when God comes in and replants His love even more fertile then before. So, right now I pray for the families in the midwest, and all over. Everyone who has suffered a flood, I pray that as you crack and break God comes into your hearts, and gives you fertile ground to plant seeds on. To create new memories and a way to replenish.