Every month I reflect back on the progress I’ve made with more sugar than spice photography, as well as the hang ups, oops moments, etc.

This month I realized I absolutely love the quiet moments that come with a newborn, making even the shyest of kids laugh, and the intimacy and adoration that comes with capturing a boudoir session.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to capture the emotional interaction between the family members, but I also think there is an expectation from family members to capture some of the posed portraits that have traditionally separated photographers out from those who I admire, and those whom I think have a nice camera in order to make up for mediocre creativity and talent. 

Even as I type this, I hesitate, because I am quite aware of the repercussions that may occur: I may never have someone pay me to capture their family photos ever again.  While that would break my heart, at the same time, I have promised in this blog to be honest and true to my feelings.  They may change tomorrow, but I can’t help but feel for today, it’s what is on my heart and needs to be out there.

I started capturing people because it’s what I love, and part of the reason I love it is because I see things most others don’t …the details that are often unnoticed by most, but treasured by those who love them … and there is something to be said for that! When I am put into a situation where I am expected to give direction on where to stand, how to smile, etc., and find myself saying things like ‘everyone look right at me, now big smiles’ I am seriously embarassed.  There is a need for people to do that, as some people love those images, but I am just not sure I’m cut out for this if that’s what the job includes.

I just don’t want to wake up in five years and realize I sold out to what pays the bills instead of what God created me to do. My entire business model has revolved around taking more time for each client, and my love is poured into each session and the post production work.  Not because it’s good customer service and I am hoping for a tip, but because I honestly love what I do, and I love the families that hire me to do it.

Is that business suicide?  Perhaps.

But I suppose that’s a risk I am willing to take.