We have all managed to stay healthy (knock on wood) so we have been rolling along in our groove.  We haven’t been working out as much as I would like, but we did meet with the nutritionist at Lifetime Fitness and she presented us with some options for further education.

We were actually able to attend MOPS this week, and Daddy worked from home so I got to leave Caterpillar and just hang out with Monkey.  It was so much fun.  She has gotten so funny and I love to hear the things she says when interacting with her friends.  When we were going into the church, I was carrying a lot of things and someone opened the door for me, and she said ‘That’s what I am talking about!’.  Where did she hear that!?

Speaking of MOPS, it continues to be both a struggle and a blessing.  There are a few women at my table who make it hard to really enjoy myself because they have become so judgmental, and honestly rude.

However, on the flip side, I was able to attend Romp to Stomp in Frisco, CO with some of the leaders of MOPS and had a wonderful time.

So, as I said, we are just rolling along.  Enjoying the things we can, and letting go of the things that aren’t as much fun.  Speaking of rolling… guess who has been making his move….


He is so close to rolling over.  He kicks his feet and legs over, but just can’t quite get there.  Won’t be long.

Keep you posted.