A group of women from my MOPS group made the trip to Frisco, CO for the annual Romp to Stomp snowshoeing event.  The event benefits the Susan G. Komen foundation, supporting research and progress towards a cure for breast cancer.

Those of you who have been with me a long time (God help you all) know that last year one of my fellow MOPS mommies was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The day I found out about it will stick with me for ever.  Since then I have made it a priority to support finding a cure whenever possible.  So, when the invites went out for this event, I made sure I arranged my schedule to include this weekend.

It was a 5k snowshoeing event, and in my current physical shape (round) I wasn’t sure if I could do the whole thing, but I am proud to say I did. At no point did I feel like I wanted to stop, and it felt good to work out for a good cause.

God blessed the walk by providing beautiful weather until the last person crossed the finish line.  As we were standing in line for the bus, the wind picked up and the snow started to fall and it got really cold!


There was live music and giveaways, which one lady from our group actually won.  But the take away for me was the fact that I went up with a group from MOPS, and I came home with a group of ladies that I would now call friends.

Here we are after the event, showing the world what we were there to support: