After knitting Monkey’s scarf in a basic garter stitch, I decided to knit a dear friend a hat.  He recently shaved his head, and with winter coming I thought he could be a good guinea pig.  😛

I had to start over three times because it was twisted, but once I got that all figured out (or got lucky!), it was so simple to just do a knit stitch around and around and the hat was formed!  I used a pattern for the decreases (loosely).  I have to say, I was reasonably happy with the way it turned out considering it was my very first knit in the round, and only my second knitting project ever!  However, I did think the yarn wasn’t as soft as I’d hoped, and I am not 100% confident the thing won’t fall apart at some point this season. LOL!

I am looking forward to saving us gobs of money on accessories that I can now make myself … and when I think about having something useful I can donate I get a little too excited.

Here are some pictures, and feel free to give any advice you may have about knitting in the round – or just knitting in general!



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