Today is somewhat of a stressful day for us.

Today is the day that Daddy finds out if the last two years of praises and exceptional reviews at work amount to anything more than the same paycheck and work hours.  Up until two years ago when budgets really tightened up, he was always rewarded for his hard work, so we do believe if they had more to give, they would.

In a weird way, we’ve prepared ourselves for the worst case scenario, which is not really all that bad : No change.  No change would mean we are still able to pay our bills with the help of Daddy’s side-business, and he gets to work from home on Fridays, and many of the other days offer flexible scheduling.

His boss did already share with him there is now a second scheduled work from home day in play.  We don’t know which day, so it’s not concrete yet, but we are confident today will work out the details and we’ll start that next week.

A raise?  Probably not happening.  He does work for CU, and even though media loves to report that CU is constantly wasting money, the fact is they aren’t.  Daddy works in the financial compliance office and he’s still very confident and supportive in the tough decisions they make.  Budgets are tight.  Lots of jobs have been eliminated.  We are so very fortunate his hasn’t, and we are somewhat confident it won’t be any time in the near future.  That being said, things could change tomorrow, and we know that.

On the upside, we have been able to eliminate almost all of our medical debt, Monkey’s tuition payment and we are super close to having Daddy’s car paid off.  Hopefully in the near future this will equate to less of a need for Daddy’s second job.  Not yet, but hopefully soon.  I’m sad to say that Daddy are I are thirty-something years old, and aside from the car that was given to me by my parents when I turned 16, we have never owned a car.  How’s that for the American dream?

We got a call this morning that Daddy’s grandmother is dieing.  Before he left for work he said he was going to try to go see her in the hospital.  He said she was the only one in his extended family that he has good memories of.  That makes me so sad.  I didn’t have the greatest relationship with my extended family, but I’d like to think there was more than one person in my upbringing that I think fondly of.  Perhaps not.

I won’t go into detail, but I have so many friends that are hurting right now. Strained marriages. Health issues.  Kids suffering from ailments the doctors don’t even understand.  Financial hardships.  Did I mention strained marriages?

Japan was hit by another earthquake.  So was Mexico.

I just think ‘why?’  Why is it that thousands of families are torn apart in major disasters without warning?  Disasters they did not contribute to.  The loss, death and destruction is heartbreaking and undeserved.  Yet, my husband can only fondly think of one person in his extended family.  And she’s dieing today.


RIP Grandma Minnie.  I hope you know you were loved.