I joined MOPS in September and I completely love the program. The table I am assigned to is made up of wonderful moms, all of which have children close to Monkeys age. My table leader is so sweet, and our mentor mom couldn’t be a nicer lady. We meet every other week at The Rock.

So far we have made a meal for our family, made tooth fairy boxes, learned how to decorate a cake from the owner of The Makery, and (my favorite) we had an interior designer from HGTV come in and give us design tips. All in all, the entire blessing has been such a great experience.

At the last meeting a young mommy (I say young, but she was about my age) stood up in tears and told the entire group she found out she has breast cancer and will be having a double masectemy right before Christmas. This really rocked my world because I have always had a little bit of the ‘invincible teen syndrome’ in me… meaning no real tragedy could ever happen to me. But this woman whom I had never met before could have been me. She has a little one that is younger than Monkey. She is a wife and a mommy and I am sure she is just trying to hold it all together, not unlike the rest of us.

Instantly I started thinking about what I could do for her. I didn’t know her, and I didn’t want her to think I felt sorry for her because I know how much I would hate that. As she was walking towards me after the meeting, I smiled at her, but due to my own insecurities, I let her pass without a word.

The Rock has a ministry program called Care Ministry, which I signed up shortly after deciding this was to be our new church. The ministry is basically on call, and when someone has a need, volunteers (including me) cook and deliver food for the person or family in need. I did a similar ministry at our old church, and I have always loved to cook for others so this is a great fit for me.

I received a call from the ministry leader last week indicating there would be a need this week for a family in which the mother had to have a double masectemy. The Lord was giving me a second chance. Normally I am so nervous about calling and setting up meals with people, but for some reason I was looking forward to calling this family.

I called and her husband answered. When I explained who I was he sounded so thrilled to hear from me. I found out the basic food details (such as how many people, what she can eat right now, etc) and I hung up feeling as though I was going to be able to help this family. Even if I am faceless and nameless, I just hope my food can help them gather around the table and eat as a normal family during this time of tragedy. It gives me peace of mind and heart to know while they are enjoying the gift of second helpings, I will be enjoying the gift of second chances.