Every year Monkey and Daddy go to the Daddy/Daughter Ball.

[intlink id=”318″ type=”post”]The first year[/intlink], she thought she was a princess, and she was SO excited.

[intlink id=”1036″ type=”post”] Last year[/intlink] she thought she and Daddy were getting married.  There were lots of tears months later when she realized he was already married. 😉

This year, as soon as we picked out her dress, she said she wanted to wear shoes with sticks.

After pausing for about ten seconds, I realized that she wanted to wear high heels.

I searched and searched, and although I did find high heels in her size at David’s Bridal, I wasn’t about to shell out $50, so I settled for these cute wedges:


I should add, my sister took all of these pictures, as I was busy primping the girl.  Thanks, sissy!

In the car today I asked Daddy how he’d like Monkey’s hair done, and he said some kind of bun.  Her hair is so long and thick, so it’s very dramatic when it’s all pulled up.  I didn’t want it to look like last years low ponytail, so we went with curls.  This was a fun idea in my head, but once I started spiral curling little pieces I quickly realized how time consuming this decision would be.  But, we got it done, and I think she looked amazing!  Of course, I’m a bit bias, as I think she looks just as amazing in a ponytail and PJ’s. 😉








Did any of you fellow Castle Rockers make it to the ball in this crazy snow?  I’d love to hear how your night went!